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Web Design and Development

An effective web strategy is the road map to the world for future prosperity of business. CSC Infotech believes that a website is the window for any organization as well as the most versatile weapon in the battle for securing a larger market share. Important Features of a developed web site may include - Online databases, real - time chat, video, sound, animation, and shopping network, Message Board, Auction, Classifieds Online.

Domain Name Booking & Web Server Space

Domain Name can be booked under any name specified and Server Space be allocated according to requirements.

Web Hosting

CSC Infotech will host site with multiple platforms to meet users need. Our Servers can host basic HTML sites, and also support database driven sites designed in Java, ASP, JavaScript, Java beans, CGI, Perl, and FrontPage Extensions. CSC Infotech offer scalability and reliability without any need for users to invest in setting up their own servers.


* Support Windows/LINUX Server
* Unlimited virtual e-mail/ Auto responders
* Usage statistics available on the web: Site Statistics & Counters
* Account Management Handle
* Database Support
* Java /Servlet /CGI (Common Gateway Interface) Support
* Form mail
* Mailing Lists/Newsletter
* Network Trouble Shooter

Web Maintenance and Updating

CSC Infotech can takes responsibilities for web maintenance and updating of your existing web site. Our team of expert's works with state of the art, web building tools to arrange things in the most convenient way. We can schedule updates of your website, with new graphic images, new interactive tools, sounds, pages & text. Update plans are also laid out depending on your business requirements.

Web Promotion:

All of us who publish on the Internet, regardless of how we rationalize our efforts, are really here for only one reason, to reach the largest possible audience with our personal vision. And the phrase "largest possible audience" is the very soul of Internet site promotion. Let us do this job for you; we will effectively list your site with all the high traffic search engines to get maximum visibility at all web joints frequented by the target audience. Attracting visitors and encouraging their repeat visit to your site is a key element in element the success of your Internet strategy. Based on your products/services, we could chalk out a customized online marketing plan, which would facilitate the propagation of your products and services. This could include submissions to search engines and indexes, submission to high profile announcement activities using both online and offline media vehicles, direct emails to targeted audience, banner campaigns on select websites and strategic advertising.


With rapid ongoing advancements in electronic and information technology, business is likely to undergo a vast transformation in the new millennium. Paper based commercial transactions are increasingly going to make way for E-Commerce.
The definition of electronic commerce is not static one. Using E-Commerce, the purchaser can select products from a web site, request approvals and forward orders to purchasing via electronic processes. E-Commerce can simplify communication and change business relationships. E-Commerce enables new forms of business as well as new ways of doing business.

Quality is a key driver at CSC Infotech. We are committed to provide quality solutions to our clients. We work on the principle


Application design
E-payment solutions/Online Payment Gateway and SSL Certificate
Business-to-Business sites
Business to Consumer sites
Consumer to Business sites
E-mails and Virtual Stores-shopping Mails

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